I am pleased to announce that my game is called “Match`em Poker”. It is a poker game for Windows Phone 7.5 Codename: Mango and it is now available for free on Windows Phone Market Place. I hope to share a lot of my exciting developing experience on this blog.

On top of being a fully functional, free poker game, I’ve also made sure to address key complaints That I heard from people regarding the previous poker and cards game on market place: the main function of the game, that is general touch responsiveness than any other game present on Market Place.


“Match`em Poker”

So, my Game is called Matchem Poker. Instead of focusing on just raw performance from a development

standpoint, I wanted to show how I would envision a great Windows Phone Game. I believe that for a v1.0. release, I have delivered a great initial app experience. I decided to try and demonstrate a happy compromise, hoping to yield a wonderful experience that doesn’t take short-cuts.

· Touch Responsive

· Great Performance

· Improved Gestures

· A Beautiful Experience, yet differentiated enough

· A emphasis on Design

(The name? It’s a little odd yet creative. The intersection of poker (Matchem) and the fun of the game This means to match the poker hands).

An emphasis on design and rich Visuals The design system for Windows Phone, code-named “Metro”, really is cool. Others have written about the experience before, but it really is a very developer-friendly design system that is crisp, clean, and once you understand the core principles and rules, it’s easy to build jaw-dropping apps. I’m just a geek, but feel I’ve come away with a pretty good first release when it comes to visual consistency and trying to adhere to the basics of “Metro”. This comes through in a few ways. If you look to the screenshots below, on the left, you see the nice visuals in the “Start” listing: no rounded corners, crisp and clean, etc. On the right, the “info” item for a page shows a few large, rich photos from the venue – and clicking them brings up the fullscreen experience.


A fun experience

While Playing the Game the feature you get is that on every level you will get general information on Poker which is quite good.

An update with specials is coming soon

Now that the app is out there, an update coming soon will add specials support, and I’ll also work to address any large buckets of customer-reported bugs. Thanks to getting the build out earlier in the week for people with developer unlocked phones, I’ve been able to start identifying a few small bugs and issues that I hope to correct soon (thanks everyone).

From a Blank Visual Studio Project…. <90 Days

I have created a visual studio project few months before purchasing my windows phone I have completed building and coding my game the thing which last is to test on actual windows phone 7 device the advantage of this is that you will not need to worry about any objection from Windows Phone Marketplace team you can review your and fix all the bugs you found during debugging on a device although, you can run it on emulator but many features would not work on it.

Finally I got my windows phone (HTC HD 7) and I am very happy after that I registered a domain shayananique.com and added everything about my game on my blog I have also previously mentioned about my Invasion (game for windows phone) on my blog.

Most development happened in spurts as I found a free Sunday afternoon or a clear night or two. I’m Really glad that I was able to the have the opportunity to build a feature-complete WP app and that Microsoft is open to this kind of project as appropriate.

So, check out the site and download the app from marketplace if you’re into Windows Phone