So, I am digging in to Windows 8 Development since the last //BUILD Conference, Yup! That’s true I am hacking around Windows 8 story since the first Developer Preview version come out, Now I am running Windows 8 Pro (RTM) on my All machines because I am in love with it. Currently, I am porting my Matchem Poker game and Sound Recorder application for Windows Phone to Windows 8. I am using a smart program called “MonoGame”. It is a program which you can use to port your XNA Windows Phone Game to Windows 8 Metro.

I will post my full porting story to my Blog Soon.


Download Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio 2012 – in this scenario, you will download an install Windows 8 on your machine (or a VM), and run it as your operating system.

30 To Launch – Your App.  Your Idea.  In 30 Days.  Microsoft has set up an amazing program for aspiring app developers to not only keep their app motivation going, but also to help you make your app awesome.  Design consultations, tech reviews, and expert help in Microsoft App Excellence Labs.

Resources to Learn From

Windows 8 Code Samples – a huge array of Windows 8 sample code for almost everything you can think to do in a Win8 app.  Most of the samples include code using C#, Javascript, C++, or Visual Basic.  You can also download the entire set here.

Windows 8 Dev Camp in a Box – a huge pile of presentations, sample code, and hands-on labs for you to use as you start learning about Windows 8 development.


Cool Stuff to Checkout

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