Today at Windows Phone Summit Microsoft announced there upcoming version of Windows Phone known as Windows Phone 8 Codename “Apollo”. This OS will be successor to previous Windows Phone 7 series as it contains biggest improvements that everybody wanted. The Windows Phone 8 announcement was aimed largely at Microsoft’s ecosystem of developers and hardware partners, and somewhat at potential enterprise customers, more so than at smartphone consumers. While the company’s executives revealed several end-user and consumer features–like the Wallet Hub, a new Start screen, upgraded hardware support (including support for NFC)–the major news revolved around the operating system’s revamped kernel, which it now shares as common code with Windows 8.

They added some new features like SD Card Support, Near Field Communication Sensor “NFC” Developers can make applications and games which depends upon native code.

Here’s some shots of Windows Phone 8

Developers will be able to download Windows Phone 8 SDK at this summer.