Microsoft Silverlight is the realization of the .NET Framework supported by various browsers and platforms and intended for .Net software developers to create and present multimedia and RIA applications of the new generation in the Internet. Silverlightcombines the possibilities of the server, the Internet and the personal computer; the possibilities of the control code and dynamic languages, declarative and traditional programming as well as powerful tools of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Silverlightallows .Net software developers to create ultramodern applications that include the following features:

  • Silverlighttechnology is supported by various browsers and platforms such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome as well Microsoft Windows OS and Apple Mac OS X.
  • Silverlightdownload and installation will take a few seconds.
  • Silverlightperforms video and audio streaming and provides opportunities for scaling the video quality: from mobile device and PC browsers to video modes 720p for high definition television.
  • Silverlightalso has stylish graphics that can be managed by users — drag, rotate and scale — directly in the browser.
  • Silverlight counts data and updates the displayed content but doesn’t interrupt the user’s work while updating the whole page.
  • Applications developed with Silverlight can be launched in web browsers or can be adjusted so as users can launch them on their PCs, outside the browser.

Web application developers and graphics designers can develop Silverlight applications in many ways.Silverlight can be used for developing multimedia and graphics and for working separately using dynamic languages and the control code. Silverlight also allows using the high professional tools such as Visual Studio for writing the code and Microsoft Expression Blend for creating models and graphical design.

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